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(Fanfic- one shot) Spring Sale

Title:  Spring Sale
Author: quinnsan
Group(s): NEWS, Kanjani8
Pairing: TegoMass, KoyaShige, OhYass, hint of RyoPi.
Genre: Crack, fluff, oh and crack.
Rating: PG-13 for swearing and attempted making out in a changing room.
Flame?:  None. ^^
Summary: A shopping adventure with TegoMass, KoyaShige and OhYass, in which there are the mandatory crazy sweaters, Shige getting knocked over and text messages to Ryo.
Beta’d By: nonokame
A.N.: I sadly do not own any of the boys… though we all know we’d love to own at least one of them. I got the idea for this fic, when while I was in the bathroom, looked down at a newspaper sitting in the sink and saw the words SPRING SALE, staring up at me. I instantly thought of Massu and Yasu out shopping, and somehow KoyaShige, Tegoshi and Ohkura got involved in the fic as well. Oh and this is my first time writing Ohkura..so hopefully nobody wants to kill me if I wrote him wrong in any way.
X-Posted to: jent_fanfics, wasurenaisa, news_jpop, kanjani8

“Would someone please remind me why I’m here.” Shige said as he blankly stared up at the ceiling from the chair he was sitting in outside the changing rooms in the store. Tegoshi poked his head out of the entrance and said, “Because Shige, Koyama is here and you love Koyama.”


Shige turned and glared at him, but the other had already disappeared into one of the changing rooms.


“You know Shige-kun, I agree with you. I want to know why I’m here too.”


Shige turned and looked at Ohkura, both exchanged understanding looks. You see, both of them had been dragged out shopping by their boyfriends and were joined by Massu and Tegoshi. The two were now sitting outside the changing rooms in the sixth store (extremely bored) and surrounded by shopping bags.


“Shige-kun~ What do you think of this sweater?”


Yasu had come running up to them holding… Was that a horribly colored and ripped pillow?


Shige quirked an eyebrow.


“How can I form an opinion on it if I don’t even know what it is. It looks like someone dropped a pillow into a cage of hungry wolves and then dyed it.”


Yasu pouted. “But this is a really cute sweater! Massu’s getting one just like it, except it doesn’t have a hood on it.”


Shige and Ohkura stared blankly at Yasu before one decided to say what they were both thinking.


“… That has a hood?” Ohkura questioned, giving the supposed sweater another looking and as he was talking, Massu came walking to them actually wearing a sweater like the one Yasu was holding.


“Yeah, see!” Yasu held the so called sweater up by the hood.


“…What the fuck, I thought that was a sleeve.” Shige said leaning forward a little to get a closer look at the sweater. It was then that they noticed Massu and Shige fell out of their chair. Though, that was because Koyama came running out of the dressing room and somehow managed to run into Shige’s chair (which hadn’t been in Koyama’s path at all).


“Massu, you look so… Interesting?” Koyama said as he caught sight of what Massu was wearing.


“Thanks! You think Tesshi will like it? I was thinking of getting him a pink one that I saw...”


Massu stopped speaking because Tegoshi came out of the changing room the next moment, a pair of jeans and a few shirts slung over his arm.


“Well, I’m done. Ne, Kei-chan, you should show Shige that shirt you picked out! I bet he’ll love it.” Tegoshi started speaking, a smile on his face. Koyama brightened up immediately and grabbed a hold of one of Shige’s wrists and dragged him into the changing room he had been using. Meanwhile, Tegoshi, Massu and Yasu were all discussing whether or not they should go out for dinner.


“Dinner? Yasu, I just remembered… I promised Ryo we’d go have dinner with him and Yamapi tonight!” Ohkura suddenly said as he got up and stood next to the other.


“You did? I don’t remember hearing about that…”


“Well, it was supposed to be a surprise for you and Yamapi.” “And Ryo. Now I’m going to have to convince him to have dinner with us.”


“A surprise? That’s cool. It’s too bad it’s not a surprise anymore. Sorry Massu, Tegoshi. I guess me and Tacchon can’t join you for dinner tonight, but we can go out another night, ok?”


Massu and Tegoshi just nodded happily at Yasu and then the three began to discuss when they should go out for dinner. Ohkura had feigned interest in some clothes on the other side of the store and had walked off to text message Ryo.


~Meanwhile inside the changing room currently occupied by Koyama and Shige...~


“Keii, cut it out! We’re in public! What if someone hears us! We could get caught and then Johnny will find out and...”


Shige didn’t get to finish his sentence because Koyama had crashed his lips onto Shige’s in a successful attempt to shut him up. Shige gave up and began to hungrily kiss Koyama back, running his hands through the other’s hair.


All was going well until…


“Shige, Keii-chan! Are you ready to go?”


Tegoshi interrupted their makeout session just as it was starting to get good, (Koyama even had his hand down Shige’s pants) and now they were going to have to stop.


“I’m so going to get him back for this.” Shige said in a low voice that only Koyama heard.


“Now now Geshi~ We can continue after we get home.” Koyama said as he patted Shige on the shoulder before turning to straighten his shirt and hair a bit, giving Shige the chance to re-button and zip up his pants.  Shige didn’t respond but instead glared at the changing room door as he buttoned his pants and then pulled up the zipper. The two exited the changing room and were greeted by the smiling innocent face of Tegoshi.


“Keii-chan, Shige. Want to go out to dinner with me and Massu? Yasuda and Ohkura can’t go because they already have plans with Ryo and Yamapi.”


Koyama was about to say no, but then Tegoshi started pouting at him and used his puppy dog eyes. So he said yes, and when Shige was about to protest, he made the mistake of making eye contact with Tegoshi.


“… Fine. I’ll go too. It’s not like I have any other plans anyways. Where’d Ohkura go though? He was here a few minutes ago.”


“Oh, I think he got interested in something he saw and he wandered off that way.” Yasu said while he smiled and gestured in the direction which Ohkura had gone.


~Meanwhile with Ohkura…~


Ohkura had pulled out his cellphone was now sending a text message to his friend and bandmate, Nishikido Ryo.


Ryo, do you and Yamashita have dinner plans tonight?


He sent the text message and a few seconds later received a reply.


-    Why the hell do you want to know if me and Pi have dinner plans?


- Because I want to know if you two can have dinner with me and Yasu tonight. I don’t think I can take spending anymore time with Tegoshi and Masuda.


-But it’s FUN having dinner with Tegonyan and Massu. Tegonyan will talk your ear off and Massu will stuff his face.


- …Ryo, that is not my idea of fun. And I know for a fact that it’s not your idea of fun either.


-Yeah, you’re right. But whatever. You and Yasu can come over for dinner I guess, but you had better bring the food or else I’m not letting you in.


- Thanks Ryo, we’ll be there in like forty-five minutes.


Ohkura didn’t receive a reply from Ryo after that, but he was thankful that he and Yasu now actually had dinner plans with Ryo and Yamapi.


After that, he wandered towards the front of the store where he found everyone else standing near the cash register. Koyama and Yasu were both holding a bag with a few newly purchased shirts and Tegoshi and Massu were paying for their clothing. Massu had purchased the really weird sweater he had previously been wearing.


As soon as the two had finished paying, Ohkura had grabbed Yasu and dragged him out of the store, both (now with the various shopping bags) with a quick goodbye. Tegoshi, Massu, Koyama, and Shige went out for dinner, and also ended up at a karaoke place for a few hours before they finally parted ways around 10:00 p.m.


“Bye bye Keii-chan, Shige! We’ll see you at the photo shoot tomorrow afternoon!”


The pairs parted ways with Tegoshi and Massu heading back to their shared apartment, and Koyama and Shige heading back to their shared apartment.


OWARI~! ((Honestly..I think I just set myself up for something I had not intended on even attempting to write for a little while yet. If you don’t know what I’m talking about..thats ok. Because you’ll eventually find out. xD))


Tags: fanfiction, kanjani8, koyama, koyashige, massu, news, ohkura, ohyass, ryo, ryopi, shige, tegomass, tegoshi, yamapi, yasu

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