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(Fanfic- One Shot) Eggnog

Title: Eggnog
Author: quinnsan 
Group(s): NEWS
Pairing: KoyaShige
Genre: Fluff…and maybe crack.
Rating: PG-13 (For hints at doing certain things..aka sex. *bricked*)
Flame?: Heck No!
Summary: Shige HATES eggnog, even though he has never tried it before. But..that is all about to change.
Beta’d By: nonokame 
A.N.: I sadly do not own any of the boys… though we all know we’d love to own at least one of them. Ok I don’t know if Shige really hates eggnog..its just a fic so please don’t kill me for it. ^^
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Shige was sitting on the couch in the living room, an open book resting in his lap as his eyes were going across one of the pages. It was relatively quiet in the apartment, as Koyama had gone to the store and his cat was hiding somewhere away from Shige.


The law student was so wrapped up in the book he was reading that he failed to hear the key clicking in the lock of the door, and then the sound of the door being opened and closed. He only realized that he was no longer home alone when he heard the easily recognizable voice of one Koyama Keiichiro behind him, sounding extremely happy.


“Shige~ Guess what I bought!”


“Keii? I didn’t even hear you come in.” Shige said as he closed the book and turned slightly to look at his boyfriend who was standing behind the couch. Koyama pouted.


“You didn’t guess what I bought, and I’m sure you’ll just love it.” 


A smile was flashed at Shige and he smiled back. “Sorry Keii. I give up, what did you buy?”


Koyama smiled as he reached into the plastic bag he was holding in his left hand and pulled out a carton of eggnog. Shige’s smile turned instantly into a frown.


“No. I hate eggnog, so there is no way I’m going to drink it.” He turned around after that and picked up his book again. He attempted to read it, but he could feel Keii staring at his back with a sad look on his face.


“Fine then… I’ll just drink it all myself. Would you like some tea though Shige?” Koyama asked, breaking the moment of silence that had settled.


“Yes, some hot tea sounds great. Thanks, Keii.” Shige said, turning again to look at Koyama and flash him a warm smile.


The apartment was pretty much silent again as Shige had gone back to reading, the only noises that were heard were the noises of Koyama making the tea in the kitchen, and also putting away what he had bought at the store.


Ten minutes had passed when Koyama finally came back into the living room, two mugs being held carefully in his hands. He set his own down on the table before he took a seat on the couch next to Shige.


“Shige~ Here’s your tea.” Koyama said as he held a mug in front of the younger one’s face. Shige smiled and placed the bookmark that had been sitting on the arm rest of the couch in the book and closed it. He gently tossed it onto the coffee table.


He took the cup of tea that Koyama was holding out to him, and without bothering to look at the contents of the cup, he put the rim to his mouth and took a drink.


“Keii, is this a new tea you just bought or something? I don’t recall ever having it before… And it’s cold.” Shige said as he took another drink from the cup. Koyama gave Shige a nervous sort of smile before he spoke. “Well Shige… That’s actually not tea.”


“What do you mean it’s not tea?”


“Well, actually it’s… Eggnog.” Koyama said as he silently moved towards the other end of the couch (AKA: away from Shige) just in case he decided to smack Koyama in the head.


“Eggnog?” Shige said in a questioning voice, not looking the least bit angry. In fact he drank the rest of the cup in one go before he set it down on the table and turned towards Koyama.


“Keii..” He said standing up and moving closer to where Koyama was sitting huddled on the other end of the couch. Koyama was still a little afraid that Shige was going to get mad at him for tricking him into drinking eggnog.


Shige took a seat next to Koyama and reached out to put one of his hands behind Koyama’s head, and looked right into his eyes.


“Shige?” Koyama questioned looking at his boyfriend who was sitting in front of him, with a neutral expression on his face.


Without another word Shige gently pulled Koyama’s head forward and gently pressed their lips together. When the kiss ended, Shige removed his hand from behind Koyama’s head, and instead moved to take one of Koyama’s hands into his own.


He smiled a Koyama before saying, “Keii, I never thought I’d say this but... Thank you for tricking me into drinking eggnog. And don’t you dare go telling everyone that I thanked you for it either.”


Koyama just smiled at Shige. “Well, I got you to drink one of your presents, want to know what the other one is?”


“…Drinking eggnog was one of my presents?” He gave Koyama a questioning look, which only caused the other to smile wider.


 “Merry Christmas Shige~ But you have to unwrap your other present in the bedroom.” Koyama said, winking suggestively at him.


It didn’t take long for it to click in Shige’s head what Koyama meant at all, because the obvious grin on his face was proof of that.


“Merry Christmas to you too Keii.” Was all Shige had the chance to say before he was dragged off by a widely grinning Koyama towards the bedroom.


OWARI~! ((Comments are love..and I bet you all know what that other present is going to be. *giggles* I know this is late but..at least I wrote it right? xD))

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